Friday, July 15, 2016

An Engaging Story

On July 1st, Sara and Evan celebrated ten years of dating!  Back in May of 2006 they went to senior prom together as friends, at some point between prom and her birthday in July their feelings evolved into more than friendship and they began dating, they selected July 1st as their anniversary!

Fast forward ten years, they celebrated lunch downtown with Josh & Susan.
After lunch Evan drove Sara to our old house on Pebble Lane and told her that he regretted not walking her to the door ten years ago on prom night and wanted to walk her to the door now.  At the front door he asked her if she forgave him for not walking her to the door back then, she said 'of course', he then said he had one more question and then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!  

She said yes!

We are over the moon pleased for the two of them!

Oh, and he had talked to the new homeowners a few evenings before the proposal letting them know his plans to borrow their yard and sidewalk!

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