Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gering / Johnson Road Trip 2015 - Days 10 thru 12 - Niagara Falls to Canton OH and on to Effingham, IL

After shopping in Niagara on the Lake we headed for the Canadian/US border.  Leaving Canada was a comedy of sorts as we were trying to calculate how much liquor we were bringing back across the border to see if we were under the duty free limit. Have to admit, even though we had nothing to worry about, it was still a bit nerve wracking waiting in the truck to cross through the checkpoint and watching the drug dogs do their job.  Guess I've been watching too many TV shows and movies about international travel mishaps.

We made it through the checkpoint without any problems and were on our way to Canton, OH to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  It was a sunny day and perfect for a road trip.

Pulled into Canton as it was getting to be dinner time, checked into the hotel and headed out for dinner at BJ's restaurant which was my suggestions since it is one of my favorite Ft. Worth eateries.  Food and drinks were great but the service was a bit harried and lacking.  Good thing this was one of the last nights of vacation pretty sure my restaurant picking privileges would have been revoked!

Took this picture so I can try to create the Alabama Sunset at home, they weren't able to make one that night because they didn't have all of the ingredients.  The Strawberry Patch was a great second choice! 

Bright and early the next morning we headed to the Hall of Fame which is housed in a very nice modern facility.

More Hall of Fame posing fun; Bobby showing Teresa the correct hand placement to receive the hike, hmmmm Charlie doesn't look too happy.

OK, he looks happier with Teresa back there!

In the Fan section of the Hall of Fame was an outfit worn by Chief's fans. 

Vintage football uniform. 

Modern day uniform. 

Super Bowl rings, they got flashier with more diamonds each year!

I especially enjoyed the gallery where the busts of past Hall of Fame honorees are displayed. And the computer geek in me loved the kiosk where you could search and retrieve information about each honoree by name, team, or year inducted.  The information retrieved even included the bio video clips that were made for the induction ceremonies.

Two of our Chief's Hall of Famers, Len Dawson and Hank Stram.

More posing fun!

My other favorite display at the football Hall of Fame was an actual on-field replay booth where you could step into the dark booth to review the replay from all angles and make your guess at the outcome of the call.  FUN! 

Both Hall of Fames that we visited were fun, informative, and well worth the time 
and money to visit!  

After finishing our tour we headed towards home, stopping in Effingham, IL for the night.  After checking in we had a quick dinner and dessert at Culver's. As we left town the next morning we drove by Effingham's claim to fame, the World's Largest Cross!     
 A pretty cool sight!    

We had a whole lot of fun on this vacation with Teresa & Charlie, lots of laughter and visiting, new things to learn, beautiful and interesting sights to see, great food and drinks!  Good times and great memories! 

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