Friday, November 6, 2015

Gering / Johnson 2015 Road Trip - Day 5 continued - Gettysburg, PA to Philadelphia, PA

Day 5 continued - Gettysburg, PA to Philadelphia, PA 
The Beverly Hillbillies Arrive in Philadelphia!

After a full day in Gettysburg we made the 2.5 hour drive to Philadelphia.  Charlie found an awesome hotel that is directly across the street from Independence Hall.  It was pretty entertaining when we pulled up to the valet parking stand in the truck and rearranged/unloaded clothes from the back of the truck! We were quite a sight, I don't think the group of business men in suits and ties who were waiting for a taxi had ever seen anything quite like us.  Apparently they don't have many pickup trucks in Philly!
Once we got everything out of the truck that we would need for the next two nights we checked in and headed up to our rooms.  The decor in this hotel was very modern and trendy.  I about died laughing when Teresa & Charlie knocked on our door wearing the leopard print bathrobes that were in the closets!

After checking in and enjoying the robes we walked a few blocks to Jim's Steaks for an authentic Philadelphia cheese steak with cheese 'whiz'.  
Awesome sandwiches and loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and neighborhood!

We thought this gentleman might be the diner's namesake 'Jim' but Teresa found out that he was not the Jim even though he had been there for many years.

After dinner we strolled back towards the hotel enjoying looking at the old row houses, cemeteries, and churches.  We passed a cemetery tour group led by a guide in full American Revolutionary style garb.  That would be a fun tour to take!

We settled into the bar at the hotel next to our hotel and enjoyed watching the final innings of the Royals beating the Astros to win the American League Central Division title. 
 A perfect ending to a great birthday! 

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