Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gering / Johnson 2015 Road Trip - Day 3 - Asheville, NC to Boone, NC

Day 3 was spent driving the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville to Boone, NC.  This was one of my favorite days of the trip and I would love to return to this region and spend more time on the Parkway.  

We entered the Parkway at the Visitor Center and stopped for a quick tour and picked up a map.  Next stop was nearby at the Folk Art Center, both were interesting and the people friendly.  We especially enjoyed the Folk Art Center where we watched some of the artists at work. 

The first picture below was taken at the first of many stops; the mountain tops were still covered in morning fog.  So beautiful!

The other pictures are from the many pre-lunch stops we made along the Parkway.

We stopped for lunch at Mt. Mitchell State Park and spent the time waiting for a table rocking in wooden chairs on a stone patio overlooking a sunny valley.  Sorry no pictures.  The lunch was delicious and the views were spectacular.  

Later in the afternoon we stopped at Linville Falls which is billed as one of the most popular attractions on the Parkway.  We hiked up to the Falls and were rewarded with more autumn beauty and the sound of rushing water.     

It was at this time of day that we were starting to get a bit nervous about hotel options or more precisely lack of hotel options. Teresa was all set to campout under the trees and stars and I think she would have truly enjoyed that option, however, secretly I was hoping that option was not going to become a reality!  But not to worry, we booked a hotel in Boone, NC while we were in the parking lot at Linville Falls.  We ended up having a good chuckle at the close proximity of Boone (pop. 18,211) to the seemingly endless wilderness of the Parkway!  Although we did get a clue before arriving in Boone when we saw the Parkway lined with cars of people who were pulling over to await the sunset over the mountains.
Dinner in Boone was at Puerto Nuevo a Mexican restaurant that had a salsa bar with some very unique types of salsa including a brown salsa that had a very uniquely flavored base that was from smoked peppers.

Another fun day on the road, taking our time and stopping whenever something interesting caught our attention!

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