Saturday, June 20, 2015

Morning Walks (Spring Version)

Since retiring I've been taking a morning walk almost every day!  
A simple pleasure for sure but this daily walk is one of the activities I looked forward to all those months I was waiting to retire.

A pedestrian's roadside view of the neighborhood!

There are critters spotted almost every day; cows, turkeys, rabbits, turtles, snakes.  And this morning I startled an owl from his daytime slumber in the woods about fifteen feet up the driveway. He took off in a hasty loud wing flapping exit. Not sure who was more startled him or me!

For the last two weeks while folks in town have been dealing with the seventeen year cicada invasion, here in the rural areas there have been thousands of moths on the road. When you drive down the road and look in the rearview mirror it's like something out of a Disney movie!  But walking through them is another story, picture me flailing my arms around trying to swat them away with my t-shirt pulled over my face bandit style to keep from inhaling one!  

More Kansas countryside.

Wildflowers or weeds? 

Sometimes Griff goes walking too!

Yes it's a noxious weed, but kind of pretty nonetheless.
A small creek that cuts through the neighbors property and crosses under the road.  
Not much remains of the barbed wire fence at this spot.

Who says Kansas is flat!

I see this Army helicopter almost every day.  One day it flew directly above me, I should have taken a picture that day!  This picture was taken on a different day and it didn't come any closer that day.

Back home again!

Once my walk is complete I usually hang out on the front porch for a bit to cool down.  
What a view!

Bobby's truck is Griff's preferred mode of transportation for cruising in the neighborhood!

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