Sunday, February 1, 2015

Little Miss or Little Man?

All the time we were in Dallas, even though we were having a great time we were anxious to get back home on Sunday to participate in the surprise reveal of Baby G's gender!  

Susan arranged with her doctor for Sara to pick up the envelope containing the results of a blood test that revealed if the baby was a boy or girl.   

Sara waited until the day before the party before opening the envelope and then baked a cake that would reveal the results as Josh & Susan cut the first slice!  
And cupcakes filled with the gender appropriate color of frosting!

Which will it be, Little Miss or Little Man?

Everyone registers their prediction.  
Dad was certain Mom was carrying a girl!

 Susan had a dream and was sure the baby was a boy!

Grandpa Bobby bet Josh it was a boy!

Grandma G. thought the baby was a girl!


Mom starts to make the first slice...


It's a BOY! 

A hug....

Yep, it's a boy!!!!!

Baby Boy Gering receives a few outfits from his Aunt Sara and Grandma/Grandpa!  
Sara's choice of Batman a nod to one of Josh's childhood favorites.

His first tie!

His other outfit consisted of a sailboat onesie, orange/blue striped pants and jacket, some hats and socks!  
(I had fun shopping for outfits while in Dallas!  The girl outfit will be returned to Kohls!)

Josh and Susan, we were so honored to be a part of this surprise!  
It was a moment we will never forget!

Aunty Sara, you did good!

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