Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

Year two of the Lonesome Duck annual pumpkin carving contest!
I took this picture while waiting for everyone to arrive.  Love how the Fall evening sun comes through the front door windows and casts sunbeams on the fireplace and chair.
Hot dogs and chili were on the menu again.  Except this year Josh and Susan made a new recipe for chili that was awesome and very hot.  It had also won the first place award in Susan's office chili contest!  Sara brought a very refreshing white wine sangria and a yummy pumpkin cake with maple frosting.  Yvonne and Nichole rounded out the meal with cornbread muffins and fresh veggies.  
 The first carvers arrive!  This is the 'normal' posed picture and.....
...this is the 'silly' pose!

 We were excited to have Yvonne, Ben, Nichole, Dave, and Colby join us for Colby's first ever pumpkin carving experience!  Last year she was just a wee baby.  Colby was the star of the evening!

 And she's not afraid to get her hands dirty!


We should have gotten a video of this fun; here is Evan giving Colby a shaky chair up in the air ride!  She was quite pleased with her Uncle Evan!
Time for a break with Mom and Grandma Yvonne!
Here are all the pumpkins lined up waiting their opportunity to shine!
And here they all are in their glowing candlelit glory! 
I think this years pumpkins all turned out great!
Mine was the witch silhouette in the back row to commemorate Sara's birthday gift to me this year of tickets to see Wicked (which was another fun day!) Next in the back row was Bob's pumpkin whose stem was the nose!  And rounding out the back row was Evan's K-State beats West Virgina pumpkin.
Front row; Josh continues his 2012 drinking theme with a beer stein.  Next is Sara's Franken-pumpkin and her white B-O-O pumpkin.  Dave's American flag design is very cool, see how it appears to be waving in the wind!  Next is Colby's handprint pumpkin.  How adorable is that?  And next is Susan's 1st place award winning really cool and intricate Tim Burton inspired design. 
The evening ended with a bang as Evan and his Dad blew up a pumpkin with a cherry bomb!
Good times!!!!!!!!!

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