Friday, March 8, 2013

Pumpkin Parties Past & Present

That silly little post about a Pick-the-Pope competition reminded me that I hadn't posted about our pumpkin carving party and competition.

We have borrowed another tradition from Teresa and her family;
the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party & Contest!  
I'm guessing this picture is from 2001 or 2002.  The girl with the pretty smile is now in her second year of college, and that boy working so diligently on his pumpkin is in his third year of college and the cute little blonde in the middle is fourteen!

Same year; Sara campaigning for the adults to vote for her pumpkin while her young cousins look on!
This year we held the first annual Lonesome Duck pumpkin party!
We started the night with chili and grilled hot dogs in buns wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in the oven warmer, just like at the ballpark! 
The actual pumpkin carving took place in the shed.
The process of cleaning and carving!

Being silly!

The results!
Pictures were posted on Facebook for friends to vote for their favorite pumpkin!  And to be honest I don't remember which pumpkin won the most votes but I do remember my mummy pumpkin got more respect on Facebook then it did in the shed that night! :)
Sorry for all the blurry pictures taken with the phone.
It was a fun evening!  Can't wait for year two!
The day after! 

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