Friday, August 3, 2012

Funniest Griff Story Ever

Tonight we returned home after dark and my gentleman of a husband let me out of the truck at the garage and then backed his truck up into the parking spot next to the shed.  Meanwhile I went inside and brought Griffy out to potty.  While we were waiting outside under the full moon, Griffy found a cicada to play with.  Next thing we know, she has the cicada in her mouth and is running off to the other side of the driveway with the cicada chirping loudly from INSIDE her mouth!  We kept trying to get her to drop it, and chasing her around!  She is so dang hard headed there is no way she was letting her prize cicada go free.  Even when I offered her a treat she refused and kept running away from us, all the while chirping!  We got fed up with the game, left her outside and went inside to watch TV.  Then the standoff began, her looking in the back door, and us ignoring her while watching the Olympics.  Finally she laid down in the grass and after a bit I let her inside.....but she was torn, she would stop and sniff her cicada, come halfway to the door, go back and sniff some more.  And apparently cicadas are salty because Griffy has had several drinks of water since she came inside! 

What a funny, stubborn, chirping puppy!  

And on a side note.  Tonight was the inaugural appearance of team 'The Password is Taco' in the 23rd Street Brewery weekly live trivia contest.  We made a respectable showing and landed in 6th place after going for the gold and betting 20 points on the final question.  Highlights of from the evening included learning that Alaska, not Montana, is the state with the largest border shared with Canada.  And Knox is former president James K. Polk's middle name, not Karl!

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