Monday, October 26, 2009

Cooper the escape artist

For any parent whose twenty-something child has relocated to a faraway state, I would highly recommend buying 13 acres of land and building a new house. It's a wonderful diversion!
When Josh and Susan came home for a visit in September we couldn't wait to show them the land. There were lots of ticks and we did not legally own the land yet so the visit was limited to hiking around and dreaming about the future.

Their next visit was in October and the land was now ours so we built a big campfire and enjoyed the Fall evening. It was fun to discover that you can faintly hear the Lawrence High football games from the land. Campfires and high school football, a great combination.

Later as we enjoyed the fire, a white van pulled into the property and came towards the fire. No one recognized the van and once it parked two adult males got out of the van and started walking towards us. Yikes! As they got closer Sara realized it was Evan and his dad! She thought Evan was still in Manhattan so it was a nice surprise, scary at first but a nice surprise.

The next day we decided to have a daytime fire and some lunch. Sara and Josh picked up a pizza and drove on out to the land. Then Bobby and I loaded up Cooper and headed out there to meet them. It was a beautiful day and we had the windows down, listening to music and talking. As we pulled into the property we noticed that Josh stood up and was walking towards us and calling out something.
Ooops, Cooper at some point had jumped out the open window and was running behind the truck and we hadn't noticed! Gosh, I hope Josh will trust us to babysit any real grandchildren they have in the future.
P.S. This picture of Cooper is very old, honest, he was not that little when he jumped out of the truck.

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